Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson

I originally posted this review of Gardens of the Moon on my first blog, which was kind of a failure. After posting my Top 5 favorite Grimdark series earlier this week I decided this would be a great follow up!

Tea Reading & Book Drinking

First published in 1999, Gardens of the Moon dramatically opened what would end up being the ten book Malazan Book of the Fallen. This is the story of the Malazan Empire, its soldiers, and others who would influence its history.

I won’t delve into specifics, since it would take *ages* to do so. GotM follows the actions and events surrounding members of the Bridgeburners (Malazans) and several people from Darujhistan (not Malazans) as well as others who are in a bit of a grey area. There are SO many different characters that it’s a bit overwhelming at first, Erikson seems to have realized this so he included the Dramatis Personae which tells you who stands where.

The Malazans are planning to invade Darujhistan, which is the last city to remain out of Empress Laseen’s grasp. Darujhistan is a wealthy, beautiful city and has lovely little blue gas lamps to light…

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