September Wrap-Up

I always struggle to remember what books I’ve read each month, so I’m going to try REALLLLY hard to not forget any. I haven’t posted the reviews for many of these, but rest assured, they will be up soon enough! I try to keep about 5-6 reviews in the queue so if I’m really busy I won’t have to miss a day.

Cover- Hour of Mischief

Hour of Mischief by Amy Hyndman

Idyll by James Derry

cover- Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

Cover- The Glass Arrow

The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons

Cover- The Tropic of Serpents

The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan

Cover- The Thorn of Dentonhill

The Thorn of Dentonhill by Marshall Ryan Maresca


The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan

Cover- The Rose and the Thorn

The Rose and the Thorn by Michael J. Sullivan

Cover- The Deathsniffers Assistant

The Deathsniffer’s Assistant by Kate McIntyre

Cover- Queen of Shadows

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

Wow! I can’t believe I managed to read 10 books in September!!! What were you’re favorite September reads?


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