Cover Reveal: Water’s Wrath by Elise Kova

Cover- Water's Wrath


Librarian turned sorcerer. Sorcerer turned hero. Hero turned puppet.

The Solaris Empire found victory in the North and, at the cost of her heart and her innocence, Vhalla Yarl has earned her freedom. But the true fight is only beginning as the secret forces that have been lurking in the shadows, tugging at the strings of Vhalla’s fate, finally come to light. Nowhere is safe, and Vhalla must tread carefully or else she’ll fall into the waiting arms of her greatest foe. Or former lover.

Isn’t it beautful???!!!! The very talented Elise Kova has officially revealed the cover for Water’s Wrath, book four of the Air Awakens series. After the events of Earth’s End I am desperate to get my hands on this book and fortunately I’ll only have to wait until April 26!  Who else is as excited as I am for this? Is this Aldrick or Daniel on the cover… or perhaps an entirely new character?


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