Skyborn by David Dalglish – Review

Cover- Skyborn

Published: November 17, 2015

Publisher: Orbit

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 464 (Paperback)

My Rating: 3.0/5.0


The last remnants of humanity live on six islands floating high above the Endless Ocean, fighting a brutal civil war in the skies. The Seraphim, elite soldiers trained for aerial combat, battle one another while wielding elements of ice, fire and lightning.

The lives of their parents claimed in combat, twins Kael and Breanna Skyborn enter the Seraphim Academy to follow in their footsteps. There they will learn to harness the elements as weapons and fight at break-neck speeds while soaring high above the waters. But they must learn quickly, for a nearby island has set its hungry eyes upon their home. When the invasion comes, the twins must don their wings and ready their blades to save those they love from annihilation.

I picked this up on a whim at the bookstore recently mostly because I liked the cover. I know, that seems very shallow of me, but the cover is really awesome! I’ve also got a fondness for winged people/creatures and though this wasn’t quite what I was expecting it still satisfied me. Humans now live on floating islands that lie high above an endless ocean and are bathed in the light of sky fires at night. It sounds beautiful though harsh and the humans have adapted to this new world by using mechanical wings powered by crystals. Note that only the warriors and fishermen use these wings- the crystals are a pricey commodity controlled by the Center island.

I like the story and characters well enough, though the story itself lacked something to really draw me in. I can’t say what exactly because it contained everything that I usually love in stories- a unique society, magic-type powers, a love interest, and intrigue. I just wasn’t CRAZY about it. I will say that if it sound like it’s your kind of story, then go for it! It was quite good, but didn’t leave a lasting emotional impact on me. I may eventually read the second book, Fireborn, just to see what happens next but it won’t be anytime in the near future.


One thought on “Skyborn by David Dalglish – Review

  1. I really enjoyed this one, though I did think the ending was stronger than the beginning. Took a while to take off, but the climax was jaw dropping! And I agree, I love the cover. The one for the sequel is even more pretty!


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