Currently Reading: 3/22/16

Cover- The Magician King

After loving The Magicians so much, I obviously had to continue on with the series! Can’t wait to see what Fillory has in store, especially after I was completely horrified by The Beast. I’ve also been watching the tv series on SyFy based on the books and it’s really great thus far and that surprised me immensly! It’s ranking as one of my favorite tv shows right now and it’s the only one I’m watching with any sort of regularity.

Cover- The Last Mortal Bond

I FINALLY GOT IT!!! I went alllll the way down to Books-A-Million to get this and they didn’t even have it on the shelves yet, so I had to get them to go find it! I’m so looking forward to seeing what Staveley has in store for us readers- I’ve heard that the ending was not what people expected and that there will definitely be more stories set in this world. I’m trying to save this for later this week because I have a considerable amount of time to kill and there’s no better way to do that than reading a great book.

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