Currently Reading: 4/13/16

Cover- Forge of Darkness

Ahhh, good ol’ Erikson. This is a re-read since it’s been quite awhile since I first read Forge of Darkness and the sequel is at long last coming out this month. Thus far I’m enjoying this more the second time around. This trilogy takes us thousands of years back to Kurald Galain, the realm of the Tiste Andii and it’s incredibly good. I definitely won’t be finishing this in a single week because this book is monstrous and dense!



Cover- The Red Knight

After putting it off for two years, I’m finally getting around to reading The Red Knight. I’m liking it so far- not loving it, but I’m only about 100 pages in. Maybe it just takes some time to grow on you. If anyone here has read it, what were your thoughts? It vaguely reminds me of The Witcher for some reason.


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