Where Do I Buy My Books?

As a book blogger I read a pretty large amount of books throughout the year. I try to average 2 books per week so I can keep up with and continue to have a consistent number of reviews posted each week here on my blog. I’m don’t quite have the status to receive tons of ARCs and review copies yet -I do get books from Tor/Forge and I am forever grateful for their awesomeness! This means I have to buy books and that ain’t always cheap! Here’s where I do my shopping….

Amazon – I typically get newer books and make any pre-orders from Amazon. I can usually find good prices, especially on YA novels and hardcovers if I’m purchasing new books. I also love that there are so many third-party sellers offering used books because hey, pre-loved books are just as good as new ones (depending on condition). I’ll be honest thought, I usually get new ones because I like keeping my lovelies in pristine condition. I also use a website called CamelCamelCamel.com to track the price on books- it will email you when any items on your Amazon wishlist drop below a certain price!

BookOutlet – After I started blogging last year, I discovered BookOutlet and since then I’ve bought an obscene number of books from this site. They have deeply discounted new (and Scratch & Dent) books of all genres and new books are added daily! The only downside is that they do charge shipping and it’s not super fast, but I make it worthwhile by ordering only when I can find 3+ books that I really really want. It’s great because you can find all kinds of great stuff you wouldn’t normally want to buy full price and it makes it a little bit easier to branch out into new territory. If you use my referral link HERE you get $5.00 just for signing up and if you make a purchase I get $5.00 too! Woohoo!

The Bargain Rack– Bookstores like Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble usually have a section where they have bargain books. I like to check these out every month or so to see if there’s anything new that I’d like to read. I’ve gotten $30 hardcovers for $6-$7, which is great. These are usually titles that have been out for a year or more but if you come across something that you’ve been meaning to read then it’s totally worth it! The bargain sections is both in-store and online for BAM and B&N.

Target– If you’re looking for a discounted new release Target will probably have it, especially if it’s a YA novel. I think these titles are usually discount 15-20% off of cover price (don’t quote me on that). If there’s a book I have to have RIGHT THIS SECOND I can go to Target and save a few dollars off cover price and binge read til morning.

Book Depository– I personally haven’t bought anything from Book Depository (yet!) but I’ve browsed their site on numerous occasions. What I like about this is that Book Depository offers free world-wide shipping AND you can get those lovely UK editions of books. Or US editions. You know, it’s whatever you like.


7 thoughts on “Where Do I Buy My Books?

  1. I LOVE BookOutlet. I have to limit my visits to their site to about twice a year or else I’d buy something every few weeks, with all their cheap sale prices 🙂

    I also use Book Depository once in a while, mostly when there’s a UK published book I really want to read and there’s no US release date yet.

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  2. When BookOutlet had their Black Friday Deal like 2 years ago, I think it was now, I went CRAZY and a monster box of books came to my house XD Even when it got crazy deals like that, the price are always amazing, and they usually always have an impressive selecting of books (that I’m interested in reading) in stock.


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