Fandom of the Month Club Unboxing – April 2016

First off, the Fandom of the Month Club is a subscription box where you get 3-4 pieces of fandom related jewelry/accessories every month! The fandom is a surprise and this month it was The Chronicles of Narnia. This is something that I purchased for myself and even if it wasn’t, I always give an honest review.

DSC_3477First Impressions – it’s packaged nicely and with obvious care… and there’s an Aslan magnet! I’ll be putting this on my refrigerator – gotta add some nerdiness to everything. There’s also a themed card with it that has the information of the product designers and providers and some basic info.



DSC_3478Here’s a better picture featuring the other side of the little card. The jewellery comes in these cute little themed bags designed by S&S Ink. I’ve seen some of the previous months bags and they’ve all got such cool prints! The magnet was designed by Half Blood Prints and I love it!




DSC_3479Now for what’s in the bag. The first thing I picked up were these cool little lion earrings. They’re a nice antique bronze color, which is quite nice and they can totally be worn in a professional setting. This is the only pair of earrings that I own that is this style and I was pretty excited to see this in the bag. You can now have Aslan offering sage wisdom from each earlobe.




And here we have a doorway to Narnia necklace! This is absolutely the coolest item in this box, just for the creativity of it. The pendant has a magnet closure and when you open it… TA-DA the wonderful world of Narnia awaits! This is a really well made piece and it’s also kind of hefty. I think it would look really cool with one of those flowy tunic tops since it’s on a longer chain.

DSC_3482Last but not least, we have a cute little bracelet featuring images from the covers of each book. I think. I’m not all that familiar with the books (I didn’t read them all), but I spy some images that are definitely from the covers. I have small wrists and the bracelet fits well and it’s got the extra links to give everyone the best fit!


OVERALL: I think this is a really cute box and for the price, the quality is good. One of the upcoming months is going to be Sherlock themed and I am absolutely fangirling so hard because of a certain sneak peak that was posted on Instagram!!!! EEEEK!!! I’ll go ahead and say that the entire reason I signed up was because I knew there was a Sherlock box coming up. Don’t judge…. everyone’s got their fandom that they’re crazy about!

You can check out the Fandom of the Month Club HERE if you’re interested.


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