Bookish Hobbies: Biology


When I’m not reading my usual selection of fiction genres, I’m reading and researching all sorts of stuff in regards to plants, fungi, and a few other life science related subjects. I studied biology in college and though I’m not currently working in that field, the passion for the subject is still there! The great thing about biology (all sciences really) is that there’s always a new discovery, theory, or shiny new idea.

My favorite areas are botany, mycology, and toxinology all of which kind of tie together really nicely once you start looking at things like pharmacognosy and secondary metabolites. My interest has resulted in a growing collection of non-fiction books, many of which are presented in the picture above. The bottom two books by Ben-Erik van Wyk and Michael Wink are really great books – very nice quality, lots of good pictures, and tons of info! The picture below gives you an idea of the layout.

If any of you have a bookish hobby that’s wayyy different from you’re usual subjects, I’d love to hear about it! I’d also love recommendations for plant and/or mushroom books because it’s tough to make decisions about which ones to buy.


2 thoughts on “Bookish Hobbies: Biology

  1. Very good post Rebecca. I think people will really find it neat that you studied such cool stuff in college. Maybe you will find some other people who work in those fields.


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