Heir of Novron by Michael J. Sullivan – Review


Published: January 31, 2012

Publisher: Orbit

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 932 (Paperback)

My Rating: 5.0/5.0



The New Empire intends to celebrate its victory over the Nationalists with a day that will never be forgotten. On the high holiday of Wintertide, they plan to execute two traitors (Degan Gaunt and the Witch of Melengar) as well as force the Empress into a marriage of their own design. But they didn’t account for Royce and Hadrian finally locating the Heir of Novron—or the pair’s desire to wreak havoc on the New Empire’s carefully crafted scheme.

Guys, I nearly forgot to review this! How could I do that to such an awesome book you ask? Well, I was crazy busy and trying to organize, pack, and generally sort out my life. It’s probably a good thing that I’ve waited for nearly two weeks to actually write the review for this because it was SO amazing that I had to let my feelings cool for a bit or else I would have fan-girled with the best of them. As it is, I’m still about to burst with excitement!

Heir of Novron is hands down one of the best finales to a book series that I have ever read in my entire life. It was amazing and there were these crushing moments, but there were also the most incredible revelations (hence the series name). I nearly shouted, definitely cried a bit, and laughed out loud at awkward moments. All in all, I made myself look a little crazed. Heir of Novron is actually two books in kind of an omnibus, the first book being Wintertide and the second being Percepliquis. Wintertide is the shorter of the two, but doesn’t lack for excitement and action. Arista is wasting away in the hidden dungeon in the Imperial palace along with Degan Gaunt. Hadrian is forced into becoming a knight and participating in the Wintertide tournament and Royce is doing exciting Royce things like trying to foil Merrick’s plots. And he still hates dwarves. Percepliquis is an incredible epic all on its own. I could begin to describe it to you, but I could go on and on. Trust me, just read it for yourself and feel the book love.


Michael J. Sullivan has proved that he can be as cruel as George R.R. Martin when it comes to killing off characters that you liked/loved. Seriously, I knew Gwen was probably going to get killed, but I cried like a baby when it happened. Royce was so heartbroken and I was like “RIGHT IN THE FEELS” and “HOW COULD YOU”. And then, he couldn’t just leave it there. No, he had to go and kill Alrick too! I wasn’t as sad about that, but it was very surprising and I actually liked Alrick despite the fact the he was kind of an idiot sometimes. There were some really, truly glorious moments in these books though. I loved every second of this entire series. The ending was really great, though bittersweet. I thought from the very beginning that Royce was going to be the Heir, but when Degan Gaunt was thrown in I figure I was wrong and the Heir was a huge disappointment. Also, Hadrian and Arista are a great love story (I love Royce + Gwen too) because they weren’t completely, madly in love with each other from the first time they met. I was so happy when Hadrian finally told her that he’d been in love with her while they were trapped that I think my heart skipped a beat. Okay, I need to stop ranting my praises and my favorite parts now… but really, this book was such a great finale that I’m simply blown away and at a confusing point where I’m simultaneously at a loss for words and wanting to word-vomit incoherent praises.

Michael J. Sullivan is a master storyteller. It’s official after reading that ending. I am in awe of his talent and I’m glad that I finally read these books and can now share how much I love them with my readers! I’ll be re-reading these at some point, but nothing beats reading a great set of books for the first time.


2 thoughts on “Heir of Novron by Michael J. Sullivan – Review

  1. This one was amazing! MJS totally “tricked” me with the red herrings as well, and threw me off with the whole Degan thing. BTW, I think I got confused on the order of these books – I don’t know why I keep thinking Rise of Empire is the final book, so when I saw your review for that earlier this month, I thought you’d finished 🙂

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