Fandom of the Month Club Unboxing: July 2016


July’s much anticipated FOTM theme was Harry Potter and as such it was in HIGH demand. Not being a huger Potterhead myself, I was sort of ambivalent about this box, but I expected there to be some cool stuff…. Well it was neat, but I was sort of disappointed. The quality of half the pieces included was sub-par compared to previous boxes. The charm bracelet in particular was an awesome idea, but the coloring was weird on the enamel/paint and it made all the house symbols look funny. The necklace was a cool piece, except the picture wasn’t glued on right. The earrings seem to be good quality and they’re my favorite jewelry piece from this box. The magnet this month is beautiful though! It’s my favorite out of the four previous months’ magnets because its’ so colorful and detailed.

Overall, I was disappointed because I expected such a popular theme to be extra awesome, but it seems that quantity prevailed over quality this month. I’m hoping next month will be back on the same level as the previous month’s boxes!


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