Currently Reading: 8/10/16

It’s a short list this week!! I’ve still got to finish up The Hypnotic City that I mentioned last week and review that. But I’ve also started reading this lovely…

Cover- River of Stars

River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay

After finishing up Children of Earth and Sky, I was practically dying to start another of Kay’s books. I’m enjoying this one quite a lot, though I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy it as much as Children of Earth and Sky because I love the Renaissance Europe setting.


6 thoughts on “Currently Reading: 8/10/16

  1. Of the three GGK books I’ve read, CoEaS may be my least favorite, but I still really enjoyed it. Tigana and Lions of al Rassan are the other twin with Lions being my favorite of the three. I definitely want to read this one as well.

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    • I looked at both of those! I’ll be getting around to those in the next few months hopefully. It’s kind of awesome that CoEaS seems to be everyone’s least favorite because I have such awesome stuff to go back and read.


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