Currently Reading: 8/16/16

Cover- A City Dreaming

A City Dreaming by Daniel Polansky

I couldn’t hold out any longer to read this! I’ve never read a Polansky book before, though all of them are on my list of books to acquire, so when I saw this show up on NetGalley I was super excited. I’m just a little way into it but I already love his writing and the protagonist, M. It’s weird and wonderful and I don’t even know for sure what the book is about yet, but I can tell it’s gonna be good.

You can check out the synopsis HERE.

I’ll also be starting Mirror Image by Michael Scott and Melanie Ruth Rose later this week, so keep an eye out for a feature and review! It’ll be my first horror genre experience, so wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Currently Reading: 8/16/16

  1. I also have this one waiting to be read and like you it will be my first by this author – although I do have another of his on my shelves that has amazing reviews and I need to pick up!
    Lynn 😀


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