Currently Reading: 9/26/16


Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks

I’m still trucking through this series and I have to say that, despite the narrator, I enjoy the story! Kylar and Elene really frustrate me at times because they can’t seem to communicate or understand one another. It seems they just look at one another and go “YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE YOU”. Other than that I’m super engaged with the plot, especially the part with Logan Gyre- wicked awesome and disturbing!



Congress of Secrets by Stephanie Burgis

Can I say how awesome this books is? It’s full of intrigue and layers and layers of secret identities! The whole books seems to be a long con mixed with some alchemy. I must have really gotten in to it at one point because the whole cover fell off my ARC! Will have to break out the glue gun after I finish.





The Facefaker’s Game by Chandler Birch

I’ll be starting this one as soon as I finish up Congress of Secrets. I hope it lives up to my very high expectations. It’s pretty ambitious to say it’s for fans of Scott Lynch and Patrick Rothfuss, but the average rating on Goodreads is pretty high!

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