Currently Reading: 11/28/16

cover-the-rose-societyThe Rose Society by Marie Lu

It’s about time I picked this up since it’s been on my shelf for oh, several months now. I just want to see if Adelina is going to be the monster that I hope she is. The synopsis implies as much, so we shall see!





The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks

That’s right, more Brent Weeks is in my future. I’m trying to catch up so I can read The Blood Mirror in a semi-timely manner, plus why wouldn’t I read everything an author has written in the space of 6 months? I’ve seen great reviews and I loved the first book —yay!

3 thoughts on “Currently Reading: 11/28/16

  1. I preordered Broken Eye, and then also purchased the audiobook, and somehow STILL haven’t read it! One of these day, but likely not in time to be “timely” for Blood Mirror.


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