Fictional Fight Club – 2/3/17

Fictional Fight Club is a new weekly feature at Powder & Page where I pair up fictional characters with similar abilities/skills and determine who would win in a fight.


Corban ben Thannon & Storm vs. Jon Snow & Ghost


Corban – Wields wolven claws & sword, trained by top tier Jehar warriors, has experience fighting many different enemies in a variety of situations

Storm – wolven, large enough for Corban to ride, has fought draigs, giants, humans, Kadoshim




Jon Snow – wields Valyrian steel sword, trained by humans, has fought giants, Wildlings, Whitewalkers (in the show at least)

Ghost – direwolf, ferocious, loyal




Predicted Winners – Corban and Storm

When I first thought of this match-up it seemed much more evenly matched than it does now that I’ve really considered it. While Jon Snow is an excellent swordsman and leader, is he really a match for Corban ben Thannon, who was trained by elite warriors and wields not only a sword, but a claw-style weapon as well? The real tie breaker here is Storm’s size advantage over Ghost. Storm is large enough for Corban to ride into battle, while Ghost is basically a really huge wolf. Both are clever, but I would say that Storm is more experienced in battle, fighting opponents larger and better armored than herself.

This is open for debate in the comments, so have at it! If you have any suggestions or requests for future match-ups, leave those in the comments as well!


6 thoughts on “Fictional Fight Club – 2/3/17

  1. Cool idea for a feature and a great match up for the debut edition!

    I’d have to agree with Corban and Storm, granted it’s my favourite fantasy series and if I ever get another dog I’m naming it Storm but I think they’d come out on top. Ghost is awesome but Storm has size and seems to own it when she’s in combat and Corban is trained by elite warriors as you mentioned and his wolven claws but Jon Snow while a great character isn’t that great of a swordsman (or he doesn’t seem to be to me anyway) and with his constant training I agree, Corban and Storm.

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