Fictional Fight Club – 2/10/17

Fictional Fight Club is a new weekly feature at Powder & Page where I pair up fictional characters with similar abilities/skills and determine who would win in a fight.


Taniel Two-Shot vs. Jesper Fahey


Taniel Two-Shot – Powder mage (can ingest black powder to enhance senses, increased endurance, can control bullet flight, can set off black powder if in proximity), trained, battle tested soldier, known for killing Privileged mages





Jesper Fahey – Inxperienced Grisha (Materialki, can manipulate various materials, crafters), extremely skilled marksman, lives and works in the Dregs of Ketterdam, gambling addiction



Predicted Winner – Taniel Two-Shot

Since reading Crooked Kingdom, I’ve been dying to match up some of the characters in my Fight Club and with the upcoming release of Sins of Empire, it’s a great time to feature a character from the Powder Mage world as well. I’m predicting that Taniel will win this bout, largely due to his professional experience, which included guerrilla-style fighting, multiple environments, and facing opponents that should have been out of his league. Jesper, while undoubtedly a crack shot, just doesn’t seem to be on the same level as Taniel overall. Jesper is also much more likely to take risks, and quite frankly, he’s a terrible gambler so I think that would end up being a significant disadvantage. I think the magical skills that both opponents bring to the table are very closely matched, though Taniel’s ability to use black powder to enhance sight, endurance, and reflexes gives him an edge over Jesper’s largely untested Grisha abilities. Had Jesper become more comfortable with his abilities and not sought to hide them, he could have easily overpowered Taniel magically in any number of ways.

This is open for debate in the comments, so have at it! If you have any suggestions or requests for future matchups, leave those in the comments as well!



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