Fictional Fight Club: 2/17/17

Fictional Fight Club is a new weekly feature at Powder & Page where I pair up fictional characters with similar abilities/skills and determine who would win in a fight.


Celaena Sardothien vs. Kylar Stern


Celaena Sardothien – trained since childhood, top ranked assassin, brief stint in salt mines, cocky, queen, half-fey, wields fire magic, killed a possessed king





Kylar Stern – trained since childhood by Durzo Blint (who’s really like 900 yr old), wields a sword with a no-slip grip, also bears the black kakari which brings him back from the dead and gives him extra awesome assassin skills, killed the god-king




Predicted Winner – Tie!

Tough call on this one. Both characters come to the table wielding magic, though of very different sorts. Celaena’s fire magic is literally a raging inferno which is a mirror to her personality. Kylar’s black kakari is the ideal magic for an assassin to wield, lending him invisibility, grappling hooks, and it also eats magic. The magic eating property would effectively nullify Celaena’s magic, thus her only true way to damage Kylar is with actual weapons. Assuming Kylar’s kakari is occupied, his only option is weaponry as well. Both have experience eliminating high-profile targets and both are obviously professionals and both can be hot-heads. Hand-to-hand or weapon-to-weapon I think the two assassins are tied when it comes to skill. The only differential would be the respective skill of the masters who taught them and the methods of training used.

This is open for debate in the comments, so have at it! If you have any suggestions or requests for future matchups, leave those in the comments as well!


4 thoughts on “Fictional Fight Club: 2/17/17

  1. Are we talking about a Kylar who knows the cost of using the kakari or not?
    If he doesn’t know the cost, then my bet’s on him, as he’ll just pull out all the stops and not worry about the consequences.
    If he does know the cost, then he’ll be so focused on not dying, so as not to have to use it, that he’ll never be able to focus on winning.


    • Excellent point!!! I completely forgot about that and you’re exactly right. It would stop him from fighting with total abandon, but it just brings him down to level of other mortals in terms of how he guards his life.

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  2. Haha, I like this! As much as I hate Calaena, I would probably say she’ll win it. Especially if she’s fighting a ‘start of Shadow’s Edge’-Kylar. He would just throw away his sword and lust after his girl. An easy target for anyone!

    I only ever got this far in the trilogy. But think about picking it up again. I really liked the first book & especially the humour in it!

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