The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman – Review

Cover- The Invisible Library

Published: June 14, 2016

Publisher: Roc

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 330 (Paperback)

My Rating: DNF


Collecting books can be a dangerous prospect in this fun, time-traveling, fantasy adventure from a spectacular debut author.
One thing any Librarian will tell you: the truth is much stranger than fiction…

Irene is a professional spy for the mysterious Library, a shadowy organization that collects important works of fiction from all of the different realities. Most recently, she and her enigmatic assistant Kai have been sent to an alternative London. Their mission: Retrieve a particularly dangerous book. The problem: By the time they arrive, it’s already been stolen.

London’s underground factions are prepared to fight to the death to find the tome before Irene and Kai do, a problem compounded by the fact that this world is chaos-infested—the laws of nature bent to allow supernatural creatures and unpredictable magic to run rampant. To make matters worse, Kai is hiding something—secrets that could be just as volatile as the chaos-filled world itself.

Now Irene is caught in a puzzling web of deadly danger, conflicting clues, and sinister secret societies. And failure is not an option—because it isn’t just Irene’s reputation at stake, it’s the nature of reality itself…

Sadly, The Invisible Library was one book about books that didn’t work for me. After loving Ink and Bone, I wanted to check out something similar and this was my choice. Unfortunately, this particular book was not as well written and it was far too absurd for my tastes. That’s really saying something because I like quirky books and an odd sense of humor. The Invisible Library had far too much going on, with little explanation. I almost immediately DNF’d this because the narration was atrocious. Sorry dear narrator, but you instilled every single sentence with a misplaced sense of drama, your cadence was off, and I’m not actually sure you tried to give the characters unique voices at all. I pushed on through and nearly finished but I concluded that I couldn’t force myself to finish a book that I hated.


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