Friday Face Off: 1/12/18

The Friday Face Off is a weekly meme created by  Books by Proxy where bloggers can share their favorite book covers. A theme is set each week, bloggers pick a book that fits the theme, select various covers, and then pick their favorite. Upcoming themes can be found on Lynn’s Book Blog.

This week’s Friday Face Off theme is:

‘More than one meaning have I’ – a cover featuring a knot/knots

My choice for this week is The Silver Hand by Stephen R. Lawhead which has a nice Celtic knot on several editions! I actually own this book but have never read it or realized it was the second book in a trilogy.

The Winner:


This is definitely my favorite of the covers shown and is also the one I own. Many of these have a dated feel and the one with the purple border and the naked guy in radioactive water is particularly vomit-inducing. Old fantasy covers are such fun to look at! Which is your favorite?


10 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: 1/12/18

  1. I grew up with the 3rd cover, which is the original hardcover and really like it. I’ve seen the various covers over the years and you can always tell when a publisher is trying to reach a different audience with a different cover. Sigh…

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