Age of War by Michael J. Sullivan – Review

Cover- Age of War

Published: July 3, 2018

Publisher: Del Rey Books

Series: The Legends of the First Empire #3

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 420 (Hardcover)

My Rating: 4.5/5.0

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Rich in magic and adventure, Michael J. Sullivan’s soaring fantasy novels are masterworks of heroism, love, and sacrifice. Now, in Age of War, the epic battle between humankind and the cruel godlike beings who once ruled them finally ignites in all its fury.

The alliance of humans and renegade Fhrey is fragile—and about to be tested as never before. Persephone keeps the human clans from turning on one another through her iron will and a compassionate heart. The arrogant Fhrey are barely held in check by their leader, Nyphron, who seeks to advance his own nefarious agenda through a loveless marriage that will result in the betrayal of the person Persephone loves most: Raithe, the God Killer.

As the Fhrey overlords marshal their army and sorcerers to crush the rebellion, old loyalties will be challenged while fresh conspiracies will threaten to undo all that Persephone has accomplished. In the darkest hour, when hope is all but lost, new heroes will rise . . . but at what terrible cost?

I read Age of War about a month ago and just realized that I completely forgot to do a review for it! It was such a fantastic book and I feel kind of bad for neglecting to review it in a timely manner (aka when I could remember most of what I read). As a result of my forgetfulness, I’ll keep this fairly short and to the point.

MJS always writes a good story and Age of War is consistent with the quality of all his other books. I would have expected no less than that, so he’s really just par for the course in that respect. Age of War is the third book in his Legends of the First Empire series and this one is just as good as the Age of Swords though it seems to me that the action (or at least battle scenes) is picking up in frequency and scale. Hostilities between the humans and Fhrey (elves) are escalating quickly and this book was full of so much intensity!!! There were several INCREDIBLE battle scenes and MJS totally crushed my feels again. Like, this book was a real nail biter and a tear jerker. Good grief!

I love the characters so much and that feeling has only grown stronger as the series has progressed. I feel like certain characters are getting more (well deserved) page time and I like that not all the focus is on Persephone. Persephone is dealing with so many things, from the safety and continued existence of her people, to the difficult decision on whether or not to marry Nyphron for political gain or follow her heart and be with Raithe. I’d like to point out that this difficult relationship decision was in no way like those horrid love triangles you usually find but felt like a legitimate decision. Bryn and Tesh also had a bit more page time in Age of War and young love was in the air. Tesh is also becoming a talented swordsman who can keep up with the best of Instarya warrriors. I was really pleased that Gifford got play a bigger part in this book than he has previously – it’s about time that guy had something good come his way.

Age of War is a phenomenal third installment and this series has only gotten stronger with each progression. The story is getting incredibly intense and there are these fantastic little nuggets that those who’ve read the Riyria books will really love. You get to see the origins of certain words, places, events, etc. and then see how time twists them between this series and the Riyria books. Right now Age of Legends seems to be on track for an April 2019 release (but that could change) and I am super excited for it! I also feel quite ashamed that I managed to miss reviewing this in a timely manner (sorry!!!).

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