2018 Year in Review + 2019 Goals


Wow, 2018 has been such a spectacular year in so many ways! My blog has continued to grow which has been so wonderful. I would have never guessed that my blog would be getting 10,000 views a year – that’s 10,000 time I’ve been able to share my love for books with people around the world!

Total Books Read: 92 – I started out with a goal of 80 a totally surpassed that!

Total Pages Read: 40,578 (Goodreads)

Average Length: 441 pages

I read almost exclusively fantasy this year with a mere smattering of sci-fi and mystery/thrillers thrown in and a single non-fiction book (that I counted).

2019 GOALS

My goals are honestly pretty basic, but that also means they should be easy to achieve.

Read 80 Books – I’m keeping this the same as 2018 since it wasn’t a stressful goal to meet.

Read a wider variety of genres – Like I said, I read almost exclusively fantasy, but there are SO MANY other great books that I’m missing out on! I plan on reading more sci-fi, mysteries/thrillers, and even non-fiction. I’ve even enjoyed crime fiction in the past, so anything is possible!

Keep Up With Reviews! – I’ve been behind on reviews for MONTHS. I tend to read faster than I write reviews simply because I typically enjoy reading more than writing. Sometimes I have writers block and feel like I’m just repeating myself endlessly and other times I have bursts of writerly inspiration and crank out several reviews in a row.


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