Writing Gloves Review + Giveaway


Several weeks back Melissa from Literary Book Gifts reached out to me about trying out and hosting a giveaway for the writing gloves sold on her website. Obviously I was pretty excited about it because free cozy stuff is just as cool as free books! As always, even though this was sent to me for review, you’ll get my honest opinion.


Wow, so getting a flattering pic of me in these mittens was tough, but it was entirely me and not the mittens. They’re super cute and quite soft, as I expected because they’re 35% cashmere and as such the care instruction state that YOU CAN’T JUST THROW THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE (dry cleaning recommended). I’m not entirely sure what would happen if you did, but Google says it’s cool to wash cashmere in cold water and probably in one of the mesh laundry bags. I would just recommend not eating chips or Cheetos while wearing these so you can avoid the problem of messy mittens altogether.

While I wasn’t impressed by the packaging – just a utilitarian mailing baggy – I thought these were pretty good quality. No loose strings, no messy knits, which I what I expect from a new item. I REALLY like the wine red color I chose and it was true to my expectations. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have swatches of the colors available aside from the light heather grey. I like to know exactly what color I’m getting and don’t want a surprise.

Now on to the really important thing – PRICE. The writing gloves (that I’m referring to as mittens because “writing gloves” sounds a bit pretentious for me) retail at $52.00 USD. I thought this was a little high in price for the product, but I did some research and it looks like this is about average for a cashmere or cashmere blend glove.

The most appealing thing about the writing gloves to me is that they’re a finer knit than the pair I already own. These are easy to maneuver in and have a fraction of the bulk of my chunky winter sweater knit ones, plus they’re easy to type in and prevent the dreaded “mouse hand” where your hands get frigidly cold after too much computer use. I do find that it can be difficult to wear rings with these since they cover that bottom finger segment and thus my rings, which snag on things if I’m not careful.

You can order the writing gloves HERE or check out my giveaway instructions below for a chance to win a pair in a color of your choice!


For entry send me an email at powderandpage@gmail.com with the subject line “Writing Glove Giveaway” between now and June 20, 2019 12:00pm EST. Only one entry per person. Shipping is available worldwide. I will contact the winner (chosen randomly) and get their shipping information and color preference.

5 thoughts on “Writing Gloves Review + Giveaway

  1. ” I would just recommend not eating chips or Cheetos while wearing these”

    Never in all my long years of blogging have I heard such vile blasphemy!!!!!!!

    I’m going to enter your giveaway for sure. Mrs B uses tablets at home all the time and her hands get COLD. During the winter she’ll stick her hands on my head to warm them up (shaved head here). I’ve found that my fingers tend to get cold too if I’m typing up a lot of comments or writing 3-4 posts in a row. But that price? I’m really glad you mentioned that because if I’d gone looking and saw that price, I’d just close the browser tab and never looked back.

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    • The price was surprising and I myself would wait for a sale! I do really like this style of mitten and keep a pair at work in the winter because for some reason offices are always frigid! Good luck and thanks for entering! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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