Subscription Box Review: FairyLoot – October 2019

Basic Box Info

FairyLoot has only one box option, featuring a YA fantasy book and 5-6 bookish items each month for $33.90 USD or £26. International shipping is available, with the exception of Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, Fiji, Guadeloupe, Costa Rica, Israel, Palestine and Haiti. Boxes ship between the 20th – 25th of each month.

October 2019 Unboxing: Love at First Bite


Vampire haul!

This month’s book is The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh – a story set in 1872 New Orleans with murder, mystery, and vampires! I’ve seen some positive reviews from trusted sources and am pretty excited to check this out, hopefully sooner rather than later! This exclusive edition is signed, has sprayed red page edges, and come with art inside the dust jacket (above).


I always get so stupidly excited when I hear that a special edition candle will be included in a box! This is a mini candle from The Melting Library  inspired by Interview with a Vampire. The scent is described as blood orange, damascus rose, and cashmere musk. I have a lovely Harry Potter themed full-size candle from Melting Library and they’re popular for good reason – nice scent blends and a pretty solid burn time!


I’m all about getting unique and best of all USEFUL items in these boxes, meaning I was thrilled to get this rather gothic coaster set designed by Blanca Design. They’re cork on the bottom, though the material on top may not survive too many condensation covered drinks.


Here we have a book baggie with art by Noverantale that claims to have waterproof lining – I didn’t get to test it out in today’s gusty, wet weather so that verdict will have to wait for another day. It feels really nice and will easily fit the standard sized YA book, though probably not a chunky adult fantasy which tend to have larger dimensions.


In the same vein as the other vampire themed items (what a terrible pun!), we have a “Bite Me” sock hat and an adorable bat pin! The sock hat with a design by KDP Letters feels SO nice and cozy and I love that it’s a nice, neutral grey. This is a simple yet well made pin designed by @taratjah.


And here we have what I’ve been thinking of as the “filler items”. We’ve got a lovely vampiress art print by Monolime Art. A Twilight quote as a sticker from Catarina Book Designs because we couldn’t not have a Twilight item in a vampire box. More tarot cards – really what am I going to do with all these things? Bookmarks? And lastly, a bookmark!

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