Subscription Box Review: The Bookish Box – November 2019

Basic Box Info

This box has a few different subscriptions options (shipping not included) :

  • Book + Shirt + Bookish Goodies – $43.00
  • Book + Bookish Goodies – $28.99
  • Shirt + Bookish Goodies – $29.99
  • Shirt + Book – $28.99
  • Book Only – $17.99
  • Shirt Only – $18.00

You can also pick whether you want the YA or Adult book subscription option, though it seems that the YA books are more popular!

They ship worldwide, so the only thing stopping you from subscribing is potential crazy shipping costs. I have no idea how much this would be, but if I remember correctly shipping was $8.00 for my box within the US.

November 2019 Unboxing: You Should See Me In A Crown


Crowns, crowns everywhere!


The book of the month is Crown of Oblivion by Julie Eshbaugh sounds kind of like a fantasy death race. Sounds cool, though I hope it doesn’t end up being too Hunger Games-y.  As always, Bookish Box includes a unique dust jacket and this months was designed by Wolf + Bear Co.


The t-shirt design this month is inspired by the Throne of Glass series. I like the quote and the colors of the shirt, though I’m not entirely crazy about the design. The shirt quality is actually quite decent and I’ve now replenished my stock of shirts to wear around the house.

I really love both the pin and necklace designs this month! Last month’s pin was an absolute dud so I’m really pleased to see the quality has gone back up. The design is by Forensics & Flowers. The necklace is nice and well, kind of motivational. I did have to do a little repair on it as soon as I took it out of the box – one of the links in the necklace wasn’t closed and came apart. Quick fix with some needle-nosed pliers and a bit of patience.

Can I just express how AMAZING and girly this pen is!!?? It’s my favorite thing in the box (rose gold with polka dots) and I’m trying to decide if it’s going to be my new purse pen or if it’s going to live a safe life at home. A nice little tote bag was also included in this month’s box with a quote from A Darker Shade of Magic.


Lastly, here are all the little paper bits for the month. The zodiac bookmark designed by Gabriella Bujdoso feature Feyre this month. The tarot cards feature characters from A Court of Thorns and Roses (Feyre), Throne of Glass (Dorian), and A Curse So Dark & Lonely (Rhen).

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