What Should I Read Next?

20200327_200421I watched a recent Youtube video from BookswithEmilyFox where she went through her shelves and discussed her unread books. It got me thinking about how many unread books I have lingering on my shelves and, well, what better time to work my way through them! The selection above just features first books in a series and not the copious numbers of second or third books in a series I have hanging around (maybe a later post??).

Help me decide – which one should I read first? I’ve heard good things about most of them and would love to hear your thoughts too!

5 thoughts on “What Should I Read Next?

  1. Daughter of the Forest and its series is/are one of my favorite book/series ever!! I highly recommend it. But I also just finished reading The Beautiful and it was amazing! Both books won’t disappoint! ๐Ÿ™‚

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