Subscription Box Review: OwlCrate – May 2020

Basic Box Info

This box only has two options – Owlcrate, which caters to fans of Young Adult books and Owlcrate Jr, which caters to Middle Grade readers.

  • Owlcrate (29.99 + Shipping)
  • Owlcrate Jr. (27.99 + Shipping)

Boxes are shipped between the 15th and 20th of each month. Shipping is available worldwide, with the exceptions of Mexico and Peru. The FAQ said that delivery was proving to be unreliable in these countries, though if a more reliable shipping service is available service may resume in the future.

May 2020: Rebels With A Cause


Another awesome box from OwlCrate. The theme is weirdly fitting for the current state of the world.


The OwlCrate special edition of Incendiary by Zoraida Cordova is quite lovely. I’m a little torn as to whether I prefer this or the original cover which was stunning. It is the story of a girl who becomes a rebel spy to help people escape the oppression of the crown. This month also featured a bonus book called Witchy by Ariel Slamet Ries and it’s a graphic novel!


OVEN MITTS!!!! I love it when I get truly useful items in these boxes! These are going straight to the kitchen because I can never have enough oven mitts.


Got a nice wooden magnet and a crystal shaped pin as well. The pin design is simple, but nice looking.


Got a set of nice quality stickers with quotes from various authors like Margaret Atwood and Neal Shusterman. On the environmentally friendly side of things, a bundle of reusable metal straws were also included! This came with two cleaning doodads and a nice bag to store them in.

2 thoughts on “Subscription Box Review: OwlCrate – May 2020

  1. I’ve just read an enthusiastic review for Incendiary over at the Bibliosanctum – hope you enjoy it, I think on balance I prefer the other cover but the one in your crate is still lovely and I love the look of Witchy.
    Lynn 😀


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