Spirit by A.C. Cobble – Review

Cover- Spirit

Published: May 1, 2020

Publisher: Cobble Publishing LLC

Series: The Cartographer #3

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 518 (eBook)

My Rating: 4.0/5.0


The fate of empire is to crumble from within.

Duke Oliver Wellesley and the Priestess Samantha unmasked and destroyed a cabal of sorcerers planning an incredible sacrifice. But preventing the horrific bloodshed left lingering questions, and new attacks close to home prove the danger is not over.

Oliver must choose between his responsibilities to his family and the Crown, and seeking answers over the far horizon. As he struggles with the weight of expectation, he discovers new powers and an ancient magic that has been long forgotten. The tide of sorcery rises, and Oliver begins to understand that a sharp quill and a steel broadsword are not enough. To face the threat of the underworld, he’ll have to call upon the spirits of life

Once again, AC Cobble has written a thrilling, harrowing tale that seems to be the conclusion of The Cartographer series. Or at least, it makes sense that this would be the end of the series based on the way the book concluded. And what a rollicking good read it was!

Sam and Oliver Wellesley, having just defeated a cabal of sorcerers, are now struggling with the decision of what to do next. The king is pushing Oliver to accept the role of Prime Minister, though he longs to continue his role with the Company and to search for his mother. Sam is offered a position on the church council where she can perhaps help train more Knives to hunt down sorcerers. So many decisions… all of which end up come to naught when it becomes clear that there is someone still pulling the sorcerous strings. Of course, our duo of sorcerer hunters can’t let things lie and go after the ultimate big bad!

This story has tons of action, not much political intrigue, and honestly a few cringey moments that well… were important to the story line but could have been handled more deftly. To be frank, this was my least favorite of the three books but it was still quite an exciting way to wrap the story up. I love Sam and Duke (Oliver) – they’re banter is almost always excellent and it was great to read a story where you can have a mostly platonic male/female friendship. Oliver is an absolute rake and knows his way around a map and Sam is a blunt assassin priestess with wicked verbal and actual daggers. They are honestly what made this series so appealing from the very beginning. Sure, the plot is pretty great but would have fallen flat without such fantastic dialogue and chemistry between the characters.

Overall, this is for sure one of my favorite series (independently published or otherwise) and it has the perfect balance of darkness and levity. If you’re looking for a good murder mystery set in the a time period inspired by British colonialism with loads of dark occult baddies that need to be taken out this could be the series for you!

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