Subscription Box Review: OwlCrate – June 2020

Basic Box Info

This box only has two options – Owlcrate, which caters to fans of Young Adult books and Owlcrate Jr, which caters to Middle Grade readers.

  • Owlcrate (29.99 + Shipping)
  • Owlcrate Jr. (27.99 + Shipping)

Boxes are shipped between the 15th and 20th of each month. Shipping is available worldwide, with the exceptions of Mexico and Peru. The FAQ said that delivery was proving to be unreliable in these countries, though if a more reliable shipping service is available service may resume in the future.

June 2020: All the Worlds’s A Stage


The special edition of Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles is so stunning!! I love books with the cool foil-y designs right on the hardcover. The rest of the goodies this month were pretty great as well.

I didn’t snap a separate pic for two items, so check out the cool pencil holder and accompanying pencils! The pencil holder can also double as a coin holder and has a slotted lid insert you can use if you wish to use it as such. Also – it’s The Night Circus themed!! The pencils have Shakespeare quotes imprinted on them and were ridiculously hard to photograph well by themselves.


This is definitely my favorite item in the whole bundle. Bones Coffee is fantastic and OwlCrate got me (and my husband) hooked when they included a bag back in the September 2019 box. We’ve gone through probably 4-5 of the big bags of coffee. Also, note the coupon code FREAK20 on the bag if you want to try out the brand!


This month’s box also included a weekly habit tracker. It’s handy if you want to hold yourself accountable for things like working out, eating healthy, or maybe even reading!

The mysterious bottom left item is a “shower steamer” that is basically a scented bath bomb for the shower. I dig those Vick’s Vaporub shower tablets, but I’m honestly a little concerned this would stain my shower!

And lastly we have the monthly pin! As always, the design is based off the featured book and it looks a bit like a little circus ticket.



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