The Seventh Queen by Greta Kelly – Review

Published: November 2, 2021

Publisher: HarperVoyager

Series: Warrior Witch #2

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 352 (Hardcover)

My Rating: 4.0/5.0

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

After the gasp-inducing cliffhanger ending of The Frozen Crown, the exciting conclusion to the epic story of Askia—a warrior, witch, and queen-to-be—as she confronts the monster that stole her throne…and is holding her prisoner to steal her magic.

The Empire of Vishir has lost its ruler, and the fight to save Seravesh from the Roven Empire is looking bleak. Moreover, Askia has been captured by power-hungry Emperor Radovan, who plans on making her his wife simply so he can take her magic as his own, killing her in the process. Aware of his ex-wives’ fates, Askia must find a means of avoiding this doom, not only for the sake of Seravesh, but now for Vishir as well. She must put both nations first and remember Ozura’s advice: you must play the game in order to survive. Askia was born a soldier, but now it’s time to become a spy.

But it’s hard to play a game where the only person who knows the rules wants to kill her.

And time is a factor. The jewel Radovan has put around her neck will pull her power from her in thirty days. Worse, Vishir might not even have that long, as the two heirs to the throne are on the verge of civil war. Without any hope for help from the south, without any access to her magic, alone in a hostile land, Askia is no closer to freeing her people than she was when she fled to Vishir. In the clutches of a madman, the only thing she’s close to is death.

Yet she’d trade her life for a chance to save Seravesh. The problem: she may not have that choice.

Guys, after the biggest cliffhanger ending in the previous book I was basically counting down the days until I could get a copy of The Seventh Queen. And now here we are! I completely binged this and while I missed all the set up we had in the previous book, I was excited to see some new characters and a new setting. I really ended up missing the desert setting and many of the characters we left behind though…

The Seventh Queen begins where we left off – with Askia in the clutches of Radovan. Askia has a mere 30 days to find a way out of Radovan’s grasp before he kills her to claim his magic because if that happens, Seravesh will be lost. Vishir is also in turmoil since the assassination of both Ozura and Armaan has left the Empire with two possible heirs. I expected there to be much more focus on Vishir since we spent the entire first book building up the politics and characters, BUT I was wrong. It very much takes a back seat since Askia is now in Roven and clearly the story is only following her. We instead focus on what is happening within the castle Askia is trapped within and the immediate problem of Radovan. 

There’s quite a few new characters to introduce in this book, most of which are ghosts. You’ll recall that Askia is a death witch and seeing ghosts is an inherent part of her magic. Even though her magic is suppressed by the Radovan’s gem around her neck, she can see the ghosts of those bound to her and to the aforementioned gem. And thus most of our characters in this book are dead queens, which was quite cool actually! This helped flesh out Radovan more, since each queen was able to offer her own perspective on him along with their history.

I do think this book rushed through the plot (toward the end especially) and I was sad to see Vishir’s intense political drama was all but forgotten aside from a few passing mentions. It was an intensely fascinating story that really sucked you in and Askia was a heroine who was easy to sympathize with. Though Askia is more of a blunt force warrior, she made the transition to spymaster more effortlessly than I expected. I do love some good blackmail and intrigue in my books! Overall, I did really enjoy this and can’t wait to see what other books Greta Kelly will release in the future.

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