Stacking the Shelves: 1/15/22

Stacking The Shelves is a weekly (or in my case monthly) meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and it’s all about sharing the books you’ve added to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. You can include books you buy in a physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course ebooks!

Received for Review: 

The Orbit Goods

I received two very exciting ARCs since my last post – The City of Dusk by Tara Sim and Age of Ash by Daniel Abraham. I also received a finished copy of A Practical Guide to Conquering the World by K.J. Parker, which I totally forgot I requested until it showed up earlier this week! Many thanks to Orbit for all the exciting new books to read!

The Paradox Hotel by Rob Hart
You had me at locked room murder mystery + time travelers. I love the concept – thanks to Ballantine Books for the eARC.

Pennyblade by J.L. Worrad
The cover for this was so cool that I had to check it out. It’s about a mercenary exiled from her homeland which sounds like something I would be keen on, though I’m keeping my expectations reasonable due to mixed early reviews. Thanks to Titan Books for the eARC.

The Bloody Throne by S.C. Emmett
Hands down this is one of my favorite fantasy series right now and it’s HIGHLY underrated political fantasy. Ecstatic to have my hands on an eARC from Orbit!

Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments by T.L. Huchu
The first book in this series was a surprise favorite in 2021 and I’m looking forward to returning to this strange world. Thanks to Tor Books for the eARC.

Daughter of Redwinter by Ed McDonald
This is one of my most anticipated fantasy releases coming up. I already know Ed McDonald is a fantastic writer and I think this new world is going to be excellent. Thanks to Tor Book for the eARC!

Friend of the Devil by Stephen Lloyd
Boarding school murder mystery settings always suck me in! This is another one where early reviews are mixed, so I’m tempering my expectations a bit but it’s also a very short book. Thanks to GP Putnam for the eARC.

My Purchases:

I had a sudden fascination with learning about making cocktails after Christmas (thanks Youtube rabbit hole) and picked up a couple books that were highly recommended. Not sure I’ll actually make anything, but Cocktail Codex and Smuggler’s Cove are both really lovely books!

I’d also like to give a shout-out to Nerdy Ink if you’re looking for lovely new covers for some of your books! I really hated having mismatched covers for the ACOTAR series, so I bought these and the quality is gorgeous! They are periodically adding new series and I’m thinking about getting the Red Rising set next.

Goodness! I have been rolling through audiobooks so quickly in the last month or so! I’ve picked up Firesky, A Swift and Savage Tide, Kingdom of the Wicked, Kingdom of the Cursed and Nolyn. I’m not even getting into ebooks that I’ve bought… I have too many books on my TBR!


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  1. Wow and I thought I had a crazy month upcoming. How are you going to read all of these??

    I mean. What I meant was: I’m sure you can do it! Absolute faith in you 😁 Good luck!!


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