Stacking the Shelves: 8/6/22

Stacking The Shelves is a weekly (or in my case monthly) meme hosted by Reading Reality and it’s all about sharing the books you’ve added to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. You can include books you buy in a physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course audiobooks and ebooks!

Received for Review: 

The Orbit Goodies

Like I say every month, Orbit always hooks me up with some awesome print copies of book! Sometimes it’s nice to switch from my Kindle and pick up an actual book. I received finished copies of The Book of Gothel (REVIEW), Dead Water, Ten Thousand Stitches (REVIEW), and Ymir. I also just received an ARC of Notorious Sorcerer by Davinia Evans earlier this week, which I’m really curious about.

The God of Endings by Jacqueline Holland
I am always intrigued by stories of immortals, especially those that examine the pros and cons of living forever so naturally I requested this as soon as I saw it. This is a March 2023 release, so it may be a few more months before I pick it up (unless I let mood reading overtake me!). Thanks to Flatiron Books for the eARC.

The High Mountain Court by A.K. Mulford
This was actually languishing in my Kindle Unlimited reading queue until Harper Voyager picked it up to be re-released in September. So, here we are. I’ve bumped it up my reading list! 

One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig
A girl with a monster in her mind meets the King’s treasonous nephew and now they must save the kingdom. I’ve had my eye on this for MONTHS now and finally got an eARC! Thanks Orbit!

The Mystical Murders of Yin Mara by Marshall Ryan Maresca
A Maradaine novella has made it’s way into the world, starring Phaedre and Jiarna two former University of Maradaine students we met in previous books. I think this will be a really entertaining read!

My Purchases:

I’ve exercised some self control and haven’t purchased many books in the last month. The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy is from the July Fairyloot Adult box, The Drowned Woods is from the July Illumicrate box, and Daughter of Redwinter is a signed and numbered special edition I purchased from The Broken Binding in June. 

The Fairyloot and Illumicrate editions are both beautiful! I am currently getting the full Illumicrate box since they weren’t offering book only subscriptions when I finally got off the waitlist. If you’d like more details about either box or would like to see a full unboxing post like I was doing a few years ago, let me know!

And last we have the audiobooks and ebooks I’ve picked up in the last month and a half. The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding was a delightful middle-grade story that I’ll be reviewing soon. Electric Idol is the complete opposite – very spicy romance. Farilane is my current audiobook and might just be MJS’s best yet! I also picked up ebook copies of The Ninth Rain and The Bitter Twins because they are both currently $0.99 in the US Kindle store!


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