Kingdom of the Feared by Kerri Mansicalco – Review

Published: September 27, 2022

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Series: Kingdom of the Wicked #3

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Pages: 464 (Hardcover)

My Rating: 2.5/5.0

Emilia is reeling from the shocking discovery that her twin sister, Vittoria, is alive. But before she faces the demons of her past, Emilia yearns to claim her king, the seductive Prince of Wrath, in the flesh. Emilia doesn’t simply desire his body, she wants his heart and soul—but that’s something the enigmatic demon can’t promise her.

When a high-ranking member of House Greed is assassinated, Emilia and Wrath are drawn to the rival demon court. Damning evidence points to Vittoria as the murderer and she’s quickly declared an enemy of the Seven Circles. Despite her betrayal, Emilia will do anything to solve this new mystery and find out who her sister really is.

Together Emilia and Wrath play a sin-fueled game of deception as they work to stop the unrest that’s brewing between witches, demons, shape-shifters and the most treacherous foes of all: the Feared.

Emilia was warned that when it came to the Wicked nothing was as it seemed. But, have the true villains been much closer all along? When the truth is finally revealed, it just might end up costing Emilia her heart.

Two curses.
One prophecy.
A reckoning all have feared.

And a love more powerful than fate. All hail the king and queen of Hell.

The Kingdom of the Wicked series has thus far been one of “almost, but not quite”. I almost like them and then something ridiculous happens. Or I almost like the characters, but then they act like fools for the tenth time instead of communicating. Kingdom of the Feared unfortunately continued that trend and just didn’t do much for me. It was fairly entertaining but also made me feel equal parts frustration and annoyance. 

Emilia and Wrath are on the cusp of solidifying their relationship when Emilia’s sister Vittoria begins meddling. Vittoria drops lots of vague hints, misleading information, and only serves to make the plot more complicated than necessary and delay the reader’s gratification of seeing Emilia and Wrath finally marry/consummate their relationship. Oh, and Vittoria is accused of murdering the Greed’s chief military figure and now the demons are out for her blood and Emilia has to solve it or her sister gets killed in retaliation. Did I mention that Emilia and Vittoria are no mere witches, but actually the FEARED – goddesses of death and fury who existed in Hell long before the wee demon lads fell. Just… I keep getting more annoyed with the plot as I type this and have actually demoted this from a 3 star read to 2.5. The plot is so excessively convoluted and so many revelations and plot twists happened in this book that it practically threw the plot of the first two books out the window. Not to mention, the ending wrapped up so quickly it felt like many of the added plot stuff wasn’t adequately wrapped up.

I really can’t say I recommend this series at all. It was intriguing at first because it had an actual plot and a decent mystery component, but it then changed to purely romance and not even a particularly good one. I don’t even know how many times Wrath just sexily said “Emilllliaaa” and their eyes smouldered at one another. And then it went full blown memory loss and star-crossed lovers in Kingdom of the Feared. I think I’m done giving Kerri Maniscalco’s books my time because her writing is clearly not to my taste.


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