Currently Reading: Wyrd & Wonder Edition

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After many years of enjoying the event as an observer, I’m finally participating in Wyrd & Wonder, which is a celebration of all things fantastical throughout the whole month of May. You can read more about the Wyrd & Wonder event HERE.

Rather than sharing only the books I’m reading this week, I’m going to share my tentative TBR for May and I suppose each week thereafter, we’ll see how I’m progressing. Things might get out of hand since I’m going on vacation mid-month!

ARCs for Review

There are so many amazing new fantasy books coming out in May! I’ll be reading The Sword Defiant first, since it’s coming out May 2. Throughout the month I’ll also be reading The Book That Wouldn’t Burn, The Will of the Many, Gods of the Wyrdwood, and Ink Blood Sister Scribe.

Mood Reads

Realistically, this is all I can begin to guess at for mood reads. Marked in Flesh in an obvious one, as I’ve been working my way through the Others series. The Ashes & the Star-Cursed King is a definite pick, probably one I’ll pick up during vacation. I’d also like to start reading Jen Williams’ Winnowing Flame trilogy, beginning with The Ninth Rain.


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  1. Welcome to the party! So glad to have you join us, especially with such an exciting TBR! The Ninth Rain has been on my list for ages, I’m also hoping to get to it soonish, and I am particularly excited about Gods of the Wyrdwood, though since I have it on preorder I decided not to request an ARC. I hope you have a good month!

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    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed Marked in Flesh and The Ninth Rain! I’ve been wanting to pick up The Ninth Rain for ages and haven’t had time! 😁


  2. May is absolutely packed with stuff! It’s been so such a crazy month to prepare for. I even had to panic-check that Gods of the Wyrdwood was out next month 😅 Hope you have a good vacation!!

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    1. I am seriously trying to reign in my ARC requests so I CAN mood read more this year without feeling like I’m behind! Happy reading 🙂


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