Currently Reading: 1/10/22

 A Practical Guide to Conquering the World by K.J. Parker
The third and final book in the Siege trilogy and it’s already proving to be fascinating. This series has a unique brand of humor that I’ve found I really enjoy!

Nolyn by Michael J. Sullivan
It’s finally time to pick up the first book in Sullivan’s latest book series. I haven’t found time to squeeze in the hard copy I bought amongst all the other books I’ve been reading, but this was an Audible deal a few days ago so I picked it up in that format as well. I love Tim Gerard Reynold’s narration!

Currently Reading: 1/3/22

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan
Everything about this book sounds amazing and I’m really hoping I can read it and have a review posted before it’s released on January 11! 

Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco
Literally the most dramatic YA series I have ever read. The main character is horrendously naïve  and has spent almost every scene unreasonably mad at the exact people she shouldn’t be mad at. And yet I cannot stop reading.

Currently Reading: 12/27/21

The Justice of Kings by Richard Swan
I really just can’t wait any longer to read this and I’m trying to embrace mood reading since I tend to zoom through books when I do that. So, even though it means I’ll be picking this up nearly two months before its release date I think it will help my productivity overall! I can’t resist a good fantasy/mystery hybrid and the early reviews are so good!

I’m also doing a verrrrry slow re-read of The Eye of the World after having watched The Wheel of Time show. I remember it being much more interesting the first time I read it like 7 years ago.

Currently Reading: 12/20/21

A Swift and Savage Tide by Chloe Neill
I’m looking forward to diving in to the new installment in the Captain Kit Brightling series. It’s the perfect blend of naval excitement, romantic longing, and intrigue. The Bright and Breaking Sea was a surprise favorite last year and this one seems like it will be a delight as well. 

I’ve also been rather pre-occupied with The Wheel of Time tv series and will be starting S2 of The Witcher. Plus, I’ve started a new play through of Valheim since they’ve added quite a bit of new content since I first picked it up.

Currently Reading: 12/13/21

Engines of Empire by R.S. Ford
Just getting a little jumpstart on all those exciting January releases! Orbit kindly sent an ARC of Engines of Empire, which focuses on three heirs from the Hawkspur family who are sent to separate parts of the nation of Torwyn to learn more about their respective specialties. I find this particular stylistic choice appealing, watching different characters go down their chosen (or not) paths whether it be military, politics, or magic. 

I’m also planning to finish up the audiobook of Firesky by Mark de Jager this week while I do some driving and cooking!

Currently Reading: 11/29/21

The Starless Crown by James Rollins
I’ve read several of James Rollins’s Sigma Force books, so when I saw he was releasing a fantasy series I knew I wanted to check it out! The synopsis sounds quite fun – a prince, a thief, a soldier, and a student seer walk into a bar… LOL, I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, what could be more fun than thwarting the apocalypse?

I’m also finishing up Cytonic and perhaps The Free Bastards this week. The Free Bastards turned into a slog about halfway through, so I put it down in favor of a highly binge-able fantasy romance trilogy.

Currently Reading: 11/22/21

Cytonic by Brandon Sanderson
I know I’m not the only person who will be picking this up the day it comes out! I’m picking up the audiobook since I’ve absolutely loved the first two in that format, but I also have a hardcopy on the way to stick on my shelves. 

The Free Bastards by Jonathan French
I’ve also been playing catch up, since there are a few review books that I just couldn’t squeeze in earlier this year. It’s good (and brutal) so far and I have no idea how thing will wrap up!

Currently Reading: 11/8/21

The Bone Shard Emperor by Andrea Stewart
I need more Mephi in my life and it’s finally tiiiiime! I really have no idea what’s going to happen in this installment and I’m looking forward to finding out

Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan
I’ve had this on my Audible wishlist for a few months now, hoping it would go on sale or that I would eventually find time to pick it up for a credit. Imagine my delight when I saw that it’s now an “Included” title, meaning I get to try it out for free (since I have a subscription). The ratings are pretty mixed on Goodreads and it has a 3.53 average rating so I’m tempering my expectations a bit, but FAERIES!

Sunreach by Brandon Sanderson and Janci Patterson
I’m also hoping to squeeze in the first of the Skyward novellas this week in preparation for Cytonic’s release later this month. I’m excited to check it out and see how this will tie in with Cytonic!